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Cyberbullying and image data privacy

Data breaches of personal image data give often reason to cyberbullying. We treate with this matter already for some years. With our technical background, we work with lawyers who are specialized in civil law, civil procedure right, information technology law, copyright law, data privacy law and penal law.

Although legal recourse to treat with this matter is still often difficult, we could already achieve positive decisions. Following legal recourse gives satisfaction to concerned individuals and confronts data breach actors with their own comportement.

A major improvement of the situation is to be expected with coming acts of legislation, e.g. the coming EU data protection regulation. We are already positioned today.


Our service for you

Do you habe suspicion or are you even sure that personal image data of yourself circulate without your consent? Do you feel being subject of cyberbullying? We know about we're talking and we know about the difficulties concerned people are confronted with. 

We show you ways to deal with your situation by coaching you. This means,

- we support you by preservation of evidence

- we support you in the search of witness

- together, we work out a strategy to deal with the situation

- if you want to take legal action, we arrange a lawyer of your confidence near your location.

- please take into your consideration, we are located at Munich, Germany and act from there. Of course, If you want, we get active all over Europe. We also arrange a detective office if needed.

- english spoken


Why you may trust in us?

- The owner of this site is concerned himself by cyberbullying. He knows well about how it feels.

- Concerning images or videos, be assured that we won't look at them if you don't wish or if this could be prohibited by law.

- Our particular approach ist just getting active for your concerns whereas you possibly may not (yet) know in datail who passed to whom which data, information or images about you

- If the first session does not meet your expectations, we will give you the money back.

- Confidentiality is assured.



We are at your service !